Passion pulsates like fire
in his blood, sudden incineration
from heaven or from hell,
decimates his soul.
The spirit burns to ashes…

A sudden flaring fury…
Ah, the searing pain!
The Sun god’s flaming gaze
singes, electrifies bone marrow,
inebriates the nerves with
the pungent smell of melting wax
and burning wings
as the celestial pyre burns,
in agony divine
are alchemized into a knowing
sentient gold
too late for wisdom or regrets.

In the thundering agony
of death… Chariot collapses,
starry splatter of the suicidal comet
spirals in its descent
to Gea’s gravitational womb
to ashes turned before
the great explosion splits the
heavens and the earth
like a redundancy of ashes
starburst of darkness… Alas!
A god is dead!

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