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Norma Velasco Poems in English

Norma Velasco Poems in English: click through for a Parallax experience

This site serves as an entry point to Norma Velasco’s poetry, prose, and philosophical thoughts. It also serves as a point of entry for a number of smaller microsites. This site will publish new content as it is transcribed as much of the originals exist in handwritten letter only.

The Two Sites Profiled Here Exist as A Loving Tribute &  Whimsical Experiments in HTML5/CSS3:

Norma Velasco: 
Poet, intellectual, artist, best friend and my mom. She was my muse as I assembled and gathered her words and created this site. These words herewith, her voice to the world, embody much of what I hold dear in my heart.

Norma Velasco "Te Regalo un Planeta"

Norma Velasco “Te Regalo un Planeta”: Click through to experience one poem in many iterations.

About the author:
Norma suffered a stroke in February 2009 which resulted in aphasia, a condition that makes it difficult for her to verbally express her thoughts. Aside from that she is completely lucid and was involved in every step of this endeavor to publish her poems.

The poems in this collection were written over a span of 40 years, were tucked away in a drawer and had not been shown to anyone. One day after her stroke she “found” them and allowed her husband Tony to read them. Thus started the process culminating in their publication. Through the publication of these poems Norma is again able to share her innermost thoughts and feelings.

The Code:
This site is an experiment in CSS3 properties, transitions and effects. I have done my best to offer fallbacks for unsupported browsers. For the full experience, I encourage you to view the site on the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.

Note on the artwork: all images posted here are labeled for personal reuse. Georgia O’Keefe is a favorite of Norma Velasco, so you will encounter a number of poems that use O’Keefe’s art as companion imagery.

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