“I am invisible…”-you said,
as I, perplexed, contemplated your face
and heard your voice
and touched your hand –
so seemingly concrete, fashioned
as if from stone, fire, water, air and earth -.

“I am invisible…”-you said.
Eyes shut closed by veils of ghosts,
how blind I was! And being thus
I could not see that invisible you
which hand will never touch
nor eye will see, nor time destroy,
that which earth
shall never swallow or rivers drown.

That invisible you will remain
forever intact as it always has been;
the perfect, pure and untainted soul you are
will always fly aloft
will always soar above the mundane pains and joys,
it will always be here with me
as I am with myself.

As long as I can see this invisible self
you are, I’ll never be alone,
never away from you
nor you from me
for far beyond the reaches of the flesh
we have always been and always will be
one forever.

The stars will rise and set.
Universes will be born and die.
Men’s dreams will stir and fade into oblivion.
The rains will come and the rivers swell,
the tree-frog will whisper secrets to the flowering grass.
A dog will send its bark sailing to the moon at night
as you rock in your porch.

And the ancient oak tree will dry
and weep for you,
remembering a you
who never rested his head against its trunk.
And when the last bell of destiny has tolled,
and all men’s dreams are put to rest,
we will always be together, for eternity…

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