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Norma Velasco Poems in English

Norma Velasco “Poemas: Portal”: click through for a Parallax experience

The Two Sites Profiled Here Exist as A Loving Tribute &  Whimsical Experiments in HTML5/CSS3:

Norma Velasco "Te Regalo un Planeta"

Norma Velasco “Te Regalo un Planeta”: Click through to experience one poem in many iterations.

The Code:

This site is an experiment in CSS3 properties, transitions and effects. I have done my best to offer fallbacks for unsupported browsers. For the full experience, I encourage you to view the site on the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.

Note on the artwork: all images posted here are labeled for personal reuse. Georgia O’Keefe is a favorite of Norma Velasco, so you will encounter a number of poems that use O’Keefe’s art as companion imagery.

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